<aside> 😍 Welcome! This site gives you an insight into what Pelenia DAO community is working on. Things have been tough but our core team is still trudging onwards to a brighter future, where media narratives are not heavily manipulated by big corporate entities!


2023 Roadmap (and beyond)

The Hodly Heroes: A Multiverse of WIDL Proportions

Pelenia v4 Fund: Protocol-Owned Liquidity and the PELE Arcade

On hiatus:

  1. Launch Story Slots
  2. PFT smart contract standard
  3. Launch PFTswap + Enter the PLVRS PFTs

Projects & Visions

Our community has a diverse range of projects it’s working on. We support each other wherever possible.

Vision Boards

New School Reform

PELE Financial Freedom Scholarship

The Future of Perception Travel TV

Projects in Action

The Hodly Heroes of Yestermorrow - NFT Set (Enter the PLVRS S01)

Enter the PLVRS

**Perceptions.Live - A FOSS Community Map Platform (to eventually feature PFT fundraising)**


What's Happening Now? Details!

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