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Q3-Q4 2022 Roadmap (and beyond)

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  1. Launch Pelenia rebrand + new video + updated website (July 2022)
  2. Launch governance portal + early community proposals + new white paper (July/Aug 2022)
  3. Launch The Hodly Heroes of Yestermorrow NFT set (Aug/Sep 2022)
  4. Develop Hodly Heroes & proprietary NFT platform for community projects (Sep/Oct 2022)
  5. Launch PFTswap + Enter the PLVRS PFTs (Q4 2022)
  6. Launch DAO + register “Pelenia DAO, Ltd.” legal entity (Q4 2022)
  7. Develop PELE Portal mobile app for onboarding users (when funds allow)
  8. Develop PELEhub social platform (when funds allow)


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2022 Plan

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